So… ReactJS, right…I get it, is the new way of working, if you have tried Blazor and React, you probably noted things are pretty similar, everything is a Component and so.

The framework is good, pretty, good. but making things performs with a “standarized” fashion is kinda a challenge. Especially when you use a library like Redux things gets:

  1. Verbose, you have to boilerplate soooooooo…hold on… soooo many things just to start, the actions, actions creators, reducers, store.
  2. Unnecessary complex due to the immutable state.
  3. If you come from an Object Oriented Background you will have some fun trying to accomplish simple task.
  4. Validations? Another library -_-
  5. Navigating? Another library -_-
  6. Everything is a promise (I’m ok with this, think is a good practice)
  7. Store information locally? you can use localStorage or another library for IndexedDB T_T.
  8. There’s so many documentation out there, but each one contradict the previous one and the official documentation give’s you so abstract explanations (for others probably is good and useful)
  9. That camelCase everywhere is killing me, killing me (this is just a convention issue)
  10. Boy, so many libraries and dependencies that you need to include manually to have a simple CRUD or Login.

For someone like me that works on projects in so many technologies: mobile (Xamarin), desktop (mac and pc), web (Razor, Asp.NET MVC, Web API) is kinda’ hard but is what it is, so let’s embrace it and kill it like other languages before 😉

I will probably be updating this blog just to keep track or post useful things I found around or help me clarify everything in the future.

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