Dealing with Malware in WordPress on BlueHost

Recently, I one of the hosting service I had with BlueHost was subject to malware infection, so they decide to just deactivate my account instead of just clean up for me (but better charge you for that, right?).

Things to have in mind when dealing with this:

  • WordFence helps you protect your site (remember to activate the firewall and to not allow php files in upload folder
  • Jetpack Their notifications when sites are down, is terrific
  • All In One WP Migration for backups
  • You only need to copy the wp-content folder and wp-config.php but…. beware!, the malware probably affect that too… so…
    • Compare wp-config.php with original one from wordpress
    • after install wordfence run the scan
    • Upload your upload ( 😛 ) folder and re-scan with WordFence
    • Make a backup or your site frequently.

Until now, this had a few sites working back again and apparently clean. Let’s keep monitoring things. At Valego, we still have to restore more than 50 sites, buts apparently everything is going well.

Probably there are plenty other tips and tricks and plugins around the topic, but this worked for us.

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