Xamarin NSTextView to HTML

Sometimes you want to use all the power of NSTextView with all formatting style and everything. var htmlAttr = new NSAttributedStringDocumentAttributes () { DocumentType = NSDocumentType.HTML }; var range = new NSRange (0, txtNoteView.TextStorage.Length); var att = txtNoteView.AttributedString; var error = new NSError (); var html = txtNoteView.TextStorage.GetData (range, htmlAttr,out error); The html obj now […]

NSColor and right RGBA settings

Hello guys, Today I was working with a Xamarin.Mac project, and as you may know, OS X and Xcode are not very friendly guys when you need some customizations on the UI, they try to force you to use the defaults (that aqua style), but… my friend Victor made a great design and it was […]

Animating a NSView : The Basics

Sometimes you feel the need that the NSView that you are working with  resizing, moving, etc. feels too rude when you change the position, the dimensions or anything. A code snipped that could help you out giving a little ease is the follow: NSAnimationContext.RunAnimation ( (context) => { context.Duration = 0.5; context.AllowsImplicitAnimation = true; //<WHATEVER YOU […]