Need to purchase a new computer

So my work ecosystem is pretty diverse, I would love to stick to one and forget about the existence of the others but I have users/customers that they only know about certain operating systems (different conditions, geographical and culture).

Not only that, since I have to ship solutions on web, android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux that makes me use every single platform available which is really hard!

Windows 11, I really like it, except for the explorer is kinda buggy and the tool bar, without the right click to open task manager, is annoying (Yes, you can right click the windows logo in the task bar and take it from there). I have two projects that feels like cancer that I can’t get rid of them, and they are dotnet 4.5 version, that version only runs properly on windows.

On the other hand, Linux, I have dual boot on this MSI Stealth 15m (bought the machine because of the weight and power, hate that it says “Gamer”), Ubuntu is so good lately but lacks a few things that I need. Like One Drive and One Note, Not willing to sacrifice backup and note experience just to migrate aaaaaaannnd more important, I’m a mobile developer, I work with Xamarin, which is pretty good solution, it has every issue you can find on all the native platform (you can’t blame them for that), but the single code base for the operation is centralized.

On the other hand, there’s people that only know about Apple products, and worst case, only use Safari, I do have another macbook, but it is 2015, so… even if they don’t say it, they make an extraordinary effort, to make “old hardware” deprecated, so… VS Mac feeels awful, VSCode, the same when running ReactJS projects. When I try to troubleshoot anything, it takes forever…

New Apple products has something that nobody can denies, the performance of the new chip (M1) and the long battery life, this last point has become essential for my day to day use. So I’m looking for options to make this purchase.

By the way tomorrow, is their announcement day. I’m going to stick with the two computers.

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