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  • Need to purchase a new computer

    So my work ecosystem is pretty diverse, I would love to stick to one and forget about the existence of the others but I have users/customers that they only know about certain operating systems (different conditions, geographical and culture). Not only that, since I have to ship solutions on web, android, iOS, Windows, Mac and […]

  • Server configurations

    Is true that there’s many server versions for different purposes, and that make the ecosistem so rich but so complicated at the same time. Package management should be more helpful when we are adding packages that depends of certain version, no show you just the error, give me the options right there to install dependencies […]

  • Friday Repo Clean up

    Today I decide to clean up the repo that I have, personal and company wise, less clutter more clearity. The idea is to focus just on what matter besides all that have been done. At the end of the day, we don’t need to collect those old things.

  • Error uploading backup to wordpress

    Today I went through a weird error dealing with wordpress, I install the plugin All In One Migration to update a site I have, but have errors regarding file limit and so. At first glance I though it was a PHP error, but turn out I need to to set up the update on NGINX […]