Xamarin.Mac : Preface

Hello guys,

I would like to start a series of tutorials about making apps with Xcode and Xamarin, yes, I’m talking about OS X Apps made with the Aqua Style that came by default with Xcode, obviously we would gonna do some twerks here and there to make a clean user interface, just as Apple have taught us :).

If you are like me, that came from a wide background developing in C# and Windows environments you may encounter many workflow that don’t make too much sense to you or even looks complicated, but you must remember, like iPhone, this is another way of life, another user experience, which doesn’t meant to be bad or good, just different and is not as hard as it look.

We will be focusing on Windows Based Apps, these are apps like iTunes, Mail, etc., which are the most common, the idea is to make a simple app, and we will add features one at the time so we can go an explain each control we use there, I won’t promise the same look of these apps, because as you may know there are things that Apple reserve for themselves (thank you for that) but you will get a nice looking app.

iTunes capture
iTune screen

Is good to mention that the folks at Xamarin updated their documentation about the platform, and know we are a little bit closer to the bright side than the dark side, which was where we been for a long time. So you should go and give a look there.

Next week I will start to make the content, if you see something that you would like to get covered, please let me know and I would try to explain the best I can here.



Of course, Hello.World();


My Name is Starlin González from the Dominican Republic, I’m a software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in different parts of the development world, from console, to windows, then to web, then mobile, then all together!

I would try to periodically post some guides and things that I think would be cool to know to some of the fellows out there, so they don’t have to struggle so much to get the answer to these questions and technologies.

The updates would be weekly or at least I would try to do so, with the help and feedback of you this could become a good source of answers and cool stuff.

See you in the next post 😉